About Us

About Us

We began raising alpacas at the recommendation of our children. Tom had recently retired from corporate life and, after visits to alpaca farms and talks with breeders, we decided to follow their suggestion. Tom had once considered becoming a veterinarian (he became a lawyer), and Karen had thought about attending agricultural school after college (she became a librarian), so it seemed like a good fit for the next phase of life. We located the perfect spot in New Hampshire for our farm, and, starting with 4 alpacas in 2006, our herd has fluctuated between 9 (current) and 31 animals.

We have successfully upgraded the quality of our herd each year by carefully choosing breeding partners, garnering numerous ribbons for fleece properties in the process.

As for our children’s suggestion … When we told them that we credited them to people who asked how we got started, they gave us “a look,” and replied, “We were kidding!”

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