Deadline for before Christmas shipping

December 19 will be the last day for shipments before Christmas.

Online price increase 1/1/2023

We have not raised our prices in 15 years, but regrettably will be doing so on the above date.


Shoe sizes and sock sizes are NOT the same. Correlation is as follows:

Sock size Shoe size

7-9 W 6-7 1/2

9-11 W 8-9 1/2, M 7-9

10-13 W 10-12, M 9-11

13-15 M 11-14

Qualities of Alpaca Fiber

Alpaca is WARM. It is a hollow core fiber which weighs less than the same diameter solid core and, because air is trapped in the core, the fabric warms up very quickly. As a result, apparel made from hollow core fiber tends to be light weight and much warmer than solid core equivalents.

Alpaca is MOISTURE WICKING. Wicking and absorbing moisture are two different things. Wicking occurs when the fabric transports moisture away from its source to the outside of a fabric where it is able to evaporate. Wool and cotton are very absorbent, but do not have good wicking properties, which is why people complain that their feet sweat or feel wet in wool or cotton socks. Alpaca, on the other hand, has low moisture absorbency with great wicking properties resulting in better comfort and warmth.

Alpaca is HYPOALLERGENIC. If you compare an alpaca fiber to a wool fiber under a microscope, the alpaca fiber will be smooth while the wool fiber will have scales, resulting in alpaca’s smoother, slippery feel. Unlike wool, alpaca fleece contains no lanolin, and requires no chemical scouring agents for processing. This, compared with its softness, makes alpaca garments comfortable, usually even for sensitive skin.

Enjoy a tour

We love to share our animals, and offer tours of the farm, where you can learn about alpacas, touch their fabulous fiber, and perhaps get a nose bump – an alpaca kiss. This is a fun and educational outing for families, school groups, and anyone who is curious about these beautiful, gentle animals. Please call to make sure we are home, or to arrange a conveniently scheduled visit. After visiting the animals, take time to choose from our luxuriously warm, soft, hypoallergenic alpaca products. DON’T FORGET YOUR CAMERA.

If we’re home, we’re open.

We have alpacas for sale!

Did you know we have alpacas for sale?  Go to Open Herd and see our latest listings.